Training room layout, does it really make a difference?

Training Room Layouts

The way the room is set can have quite an impact on the learning of your attending delegates and set the tone for the type of training you are delivering.

Training with serious undertones and low delegate participation can benefit from a theatre or classroom layouts as the focus of all delegates is the same and targeted towards the front of the room, not to mention the speaker or trainer is able to see all delegate faces to gain their full attention.

Interactive training where delegate participation is required physically or in group activities can highly benefit from the cabaret or round table layout as it created open and friendly group discussion, easy movement around the space or could even promote a competitive spirit if required.

So what about the old favourite U-Shape layout? Does it have it all? This layout provides each delegate the ability to view all their peers around the table, promoting discussion and inclusion while offering  a readymade area right in the middle for role playing or presenting if required.

What’s your favourite layout and would you like to try a new layout for your next meeting? Let our team know your aims and we would be happy to offer any advice.